Raddish Sambar | முள்ளங்கி சாம்பார் | Recipe with English subtitle

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Raddish sambar suitable for rice & tiffen items.

Ingredients :

Thuvar dal- 1/2 cup; raddish- 250 g; small onion- 8; tomato- 1; tamarind- amla size; sambar powder- 2 1/2 spoon; rasam powder- 1/2 spoon; salt;asafoetida; curry, coriander leaves; oil- 1 spoon; mustard seeds; jaggery- 1/4 spoon

Steps :

Cook thuvar dal & mash it. (Refer "how to cook dal" video in Gowri Samayalarai) In 1 spoon oil, fry onion, tomato, raddish. Add sambar powder, 1/2 cup water. Once it boils, add tamarind pulp, salt. Cook for 1 whistle.Add mashed thuvar dal,rasam powder,jaggery. In 1 spoon oil, fry mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves.Add this to sambar.Add coriander leaf.

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