Dosa Batter Recipe in Tamil | Idli Dosa maavu in Tamil | How to make Dosa batter at home

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In this video we will see how to make dosa batter at home. Idli batter / Dosa batter is very easy to make once the ratio of rice and urad dal(ulunthu) is established. Usually for perfect dosas we use 1 : 4 (1 cup of ulunthu for 4 cups of rice) however this ratio depends on the type of rice being used. If the grains of rice are fatter (more starch content ) then this ratio would work. If the rice grains are thinner you can try 1:3 ratio (1 cup of ulunthu for 3 cups of rice). Once a ratio is finalized for a particular brand of rice we can get perfect results after that.
For making idlis, the batter should not be fermented much so I usually make idlis during the first 2 days of making the batter. On day 3 the batter would have fermented sufficiently for making crispy dosas. Nonstick pans are easier to spread the dosa batter but the real taste and caramelized color of dosa can be achieved only in cast iron pans.

Friends now we can enjoy soft and spongy idlis and crispy dosas all made from our homemade batter. So instead of buying the dosa batter from stores we can make them right from home.

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